This is F A C T I O N A L I S M, Vivid Faction's weekly webdump of local Pittsburgh arty happenings.

We're always seeking new members and materials to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at 

This week:
John Manganaro
Jeremy Zerbe


DAZZLETINE performs this weekend at 6119 Penn Ave (https://www.facebook.com/6119Penn),

$10 /// 18+ /// 21+ to drink

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/589891844361868/

John manganaro

Another original from the talents of Mr. Manganaro, titled "Mountains of Madness".

Jeremy Zerbe

Fellow Pittsburgh blogosphere aficionado Jeremy Zerbe just recently launched his own calendar styled web presence for keeping track of local Pittsburgh music scene happenings....Called the "Pittsburgh Trestle".

His site it quite useful if you find yourself seeking some form of musical entertainment on a random evening in the Pitts., make sure you check it out here:



This is F A C T I O N A L I S M, Vivid Faction's weekly webdump of local Pittsburgh arty happenings.

We're always seeking new members and materials to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at

This week featuring new artwork from a regular Factioner, and some other familiars:
John Manganaro
Low Man
The Vatican't


The ticking
On the wall
Never stops
Its metronome
Too inhumanly
To put me to sleep

Round and round
And round and round
Nothing to write about

I’d be dreaming
Of leaving
On a night like
For a lover’s tryst
The twisting
And flipping
On fresh made
Bed sheets

Round and round
And round and round
Nothing to talk about

You’d be thinking
Of screaming
At a sight like
You bite your lip
The heavy
Of two strangers
So unseen

Round and round
And round and round
Nothing to talk about


Don't Let the Scene Go Down on Me! Presents...

American War

Folk/ Indie from Columbus, OH! New album
up for free download on ifyoumakit.com!


Nothing Special
Folky tunes from Megan and Anna!
Sam Rockwell, Machete Champion
Folk/ Indie from Wintersville, OH!


Plus Richard Wehrenberg Jr. will read some of his poetry and there will also be a zine reading from Bri from Motor City Kitty Zine! Both are on tour with American War!

@ 222 Ormsby 
All Ages! 
Please park across the street in the Bar parking lot or the Playground parking lot to reduce street parking since there is only a limited amount.

John manganaro

John has decided to debut some of his visual art on the Faction this week, beginning with an impressionist landscape scene...stay tuned for more painting and sketching from him in days to come....

Here is what he had to say ---
"My painting centers on impressionistic natural scenes and landscapes. I seeks a
middle ground between an accurate portrayal of the world and the feeling of
gazing out over beautiful but unknown reaches of space. My ink drawings aim to
capture dynamic and nebulus ideas too elusive to attain with words or sounds

Low Man


TEEPEE + Low Man + Nox Boys / Mr Roboto Project
04.10.2013 / Doors
7:00 / $6
presented by DUL + Monalloh Foundry

Words by Brendan [of Draw Us Lines]

 There’s no shortage of extremely talented bands out there in the world,
and I’m always grateful when they find their way to my ears. I got an email from
TEEPEE a while back looking to fit Pittsburgh in their tour schedule. So,
I clicked a link, streamed some songs and … wow. I couldn’t begin to describe
their sound at the time, and I’ll probably even fail miserably here, but it’s
some kind of amazing. I became excited at the prospect of seeing them live,
filling a room with these awesome songs.

So we made it happen, with some help from the fine folks of Pittsburgh
art/music collective Monalloh Foundry. We found a space and a time and some
wonderful local bands to join in. It’s gonna be a damn good time, so get yer
asses to Penn Ave tomorrow evening and join us! (Facebook event here)

Some more words about the bands (and some tunes) after the jump, but all the
details you need are up above!

 TEEPEE is Erix Laurent (vocals/guitar), Andrew McLees (guitar), and
Gabriela Dimaro (synth). They released a series of EPs and tapes throughout 2008
and 2009, including a single on the great label Hozac Records. You can listen to
most of those on their Bandcamp page and see
how their sound came together (some free downloads to be had, by the by). A
full-length was released on limited edition vinyl (via Senzei Records) in early
2011, entitled Morals. I’d tag it as experimental, droning, shoegaze
rock, but that doesn’t nearly do it justice. There’s a hidden, primordial energy
to the band’s songs that just isn’t captured by those terms...

We’ve talked about Low Man before, when Ricky gave an autobiographical review
of how the band’s EP just made him get drunk. (He had to do it!) These
guys absolutely rock live, too. Trust me. They’ve clearly worn out the grooves
on all their Zeppelin and Sabbath records, and if you’ve been
looking for a heavy-deavy Pittsburgh band to love, well, here ya go. Stream
their EP here to prepare yourself mentally. (Turn it up to the max to prepare
yourself physically.)

Nox Boys are new to me, coming on the recommendation of the Monalloh dudes.
They just released a video for a new song (see below) and it’s sounding pretty
damn good to me. Since I haven’t seen them before, I’ll have to quote their band
bio here: “Four kids from Blawnox, PA. They formed in 2012 after watching the
horseradish potato chop episode of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone … and
spontaneously started to create original music inspired by 50′s frat rock; 60′s
psych and 70′s punk.”

The Vatican't

The Vaticomp, Vol. 1: Thank You, John Faust" will be posted within the next few weeks. It's a collection of songs by touring bands who have played here over the first 7 months of our time as a house (before we got "shut down"). There are a ton of great jam on this comp, including new songs from State Lines, The Hotel Year, Solenodon, and Salvatore Rex And The Dead King Choir, as well as tracks by Kittyhawk, Crybaby, Perfect Future, Secret Grief, and plenty more!

Last minute submissions are VERY welcome! If you're an out-of-town band who has played here, send a song to 



This is F A C T I O N A L I S MVivid Faction's weekly webdump of local Pittsburgh arty happenings.

We're always seeking new members and materials to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at

This week bringing you a new Factioner, as well as some familiars:

Ohad Cadji
The Vatican't


"By the power of the HOLY MOTHERS and UNITAS angels and the BABES comes UNITY NIGHT.
A true DAZZLETINE experience in the form of a show built from the ground up by
the hands of the boys themselves. The title UNITY NIGHT comes from the
convergence of sacred/divine forces at work where everyone WILL unite as ONE.
Come to be transformed by the ceremony and join in with NO FEAR or hesitation.
We need your presence. Give us your hands. AND your HEARTS. AND your MINDS. AND
your BODIES. 
MC SNEAKY MIKE: The host/shaman of the evening who will guide the festivities from
one act to the next.
( http://www.facebook.com/ilooklikesneakymike )

NIC LAWLESS: The young, dirty, and dangerous, Lo-fi rock n roll
( http://niclawless.bandcamp.com/ )

GREAT ANTS: Goddesses of the Fourth-River, Power-Trio
( http://www.facebook.com/thegreatgreatants )

PET CLINIC: Massive, Heavy-hitting Garage Rockers
( http://petclinicmusic.bandcamp.com/ )

( http://dazzletine.bandcamp.com/ )

DRESS APPROPRIATELY--the less, the better. If you dress up, you will be rewarded. We promise.

UNITY NIGHT is also the release show for our "SKIN PERIOD" Single. $5 gets you a copy of the beautifully packaged record designed by HUCK HALLEY himself.

AND $5.






Vivid Faction welcomes Highwayyys to the vault of Factioners, the solo project from music-maker, emotions-haver, and food-porn-lover Harrison Thurman, focusing on simple songs, musical textures, and loops.

Check out his page here:
and Like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Highwayyys/37312843063?fref=ts

Here's the first song from Highwayyy's EP, titled "A Love Song...Not!"

Ohad Cadji

"A few weeks ago I got to spend a few hours with Pittsburgh’s own Julie Sokolow. Julie, a filmmaker and social activist, is a pretty cool gal who’s doing some awesome advocacy work around the ‘Burgh. Over the last year her film series, Healthy Artists, focused on the difficulties that creative professionals have in getting affordable health care in America. Julie’s hard work was noticed by none other than Michael Moore, who invited her to blog for his organization, a feat which landed her as one of Whirl Magazine’s 13 under 30 in Pittsburgh.

Julie was kind enough to let me follow her around for a day for an assignment in my documentary class at Pittsburgh Filmmakers..."

Check out the whole shoot at the Cadj Blog:

The Vatican't

3213 Joe Hammer Square.
doors at 7:00, music at 7:30.
$3 if you show up before the first act starts playing, $5 if after.

Moon Bandits - acoustic punk all the way from California!

Scrap Kids - acoustic ska punk from a lil bit east of the Burgh!

Douglas Fur - Folk punk solo artist, banjo player for Ramshackle Glory.

Strong Young Teeth -Pittsburgh resident Vic Williams bringing you fun time folk punk jams

Hexe - guitar/violin folk punk duo!

Unraveler - pgh sighcore

Chris Blake - ukepunx for the ages

"The Vatican’t is a safe, equal-opportunity space where no racism, sexism,
heterosexism, cissexism, hate speech of any sort, or any other kind of
discrimination will be tolerated. Period. Rape-apologists, abusers, and assholes
of any variety have no place here. Keep your hate to yourself. Respect the space
and respect the people within the space. Thank you."



This week Vivid Faction is posting its 20th entry of Factionalism, that means at least 5 months of updates on local Pittsburgh artistic and musical happenings.

Don't forget, we're always seeking new members and materials to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at 

This week bringing you two new Factioners, as well as some familiars:

John Manganaro
Let Them Eat Cake
Low Man
Ohad Cadji

John Manganaro

Vivid Faction welcomes John Manganaro to the vault of Factioners, as he debuts his songwriting and musical talents with some solo tunes.

Check out the first demo titled "Q Who?"


Vivid Faction welcomes Latecomer to the vault of Factioners as well, the Pittsburgh Punk Rock foursome consisting of Zach Jamison, Rich Anthony, Pete Leslie, and Iggy.

Check out their page here:
And 'Like' them on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Latecomer/280801761970802

Latecomer have a record coming out on Rally Records sometime in the next month or 
so, it's a full length LP tracked at Tree Lady Studios.

Let Them Eat Cake

At the Mr. Roboto Project
Thursday, 3/28
Doors at 7PM
$5 at the door

City Steps - Toe-tapping pop music
Album coming soon!

COOKIETOM - Kind of their first show
 New name/new songs/awesome people
Let Them Eat Cake - Folk-ish indie rock
EP coming soon!

Low Man

Low Man is back in action, and ready to shred your faces into tiny bloody bits!
Here is what they have to say about it:

"We're finally baaaaaaaaaaack!! After a way-too-goddamn-long hiatus over the winter, we have returned to this astral plane with a brand new drummer, a new song or two, and MORE VOLUME. And we're glad to be playing with Long Island's Rice Cultivation Society and locals Dewey Marquee, who played with us for our last Pittsburgh show---way back in November! There's some trivia for ya!

But who fuckin' cares? Maybe you! If you wanna come out get fucked up on cheap beer and rock 'n' roll, this night was made for you. We're glad to be back, and even more glad to be playing with these kickass bands. SO GET GLAD. OR HEFTY. ONE OR THE OTHER. GARBAGE BAGS, I MEAN."

At Howlers Coyote Cafe
Thursday, 3/28
Doors 8:00pm

Low Man  ((desert rock for dessert))
Rice Cultivation Society ((jangly folk-infused rock 'n' roll))
Dewey Marquee ((all #swag all the time))

Scene Stage the World ((pop-punking emo youngbloods))


In light of recent developments, Rich Anthony aka PLOTS is ending his 
rap "retirement" and will be doing a solo set at Peter's Pub
on March 30th
with Max M Ill and a few other local MC's.

Ohad Cadji

Ohad has captured yet another photo shoot with his previous model, D.K., this time at a new studio space that he has acquired...

Check out the space and see the entire shoot here:

Or a preview below


# Nineteen

After a lengthy hiatus ... Vivid Faction is back, with a new look!

We're seeking new members and material to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at

This week bringing you:

Dan Marchese
Let Them Eat Cake
Ohad Cadji

Dan Marchese

This week on Basketball Jonesin' ..... Dan wants to talk about Kobe Bryant.

See what he has to say:


Every man is a moon
with a dark side he does not show
to any other earthly being
who’d assuredly impugn 

He keeps this cloudy face
where it rightfully should wait
towards obscurity and
pointing into empty space

With temperance unmatched
which only patience can afford
The half that does not sleep
Can be placidly unlatched

Just as every human scheme
breeds at length a pallor hue
in the face of Father Time
glows dull as a cast moonbeam

While we live we think we know
what it is to plant a seed
and watch it bloom into a tree
with which we shade what we can grow

But the moon does not possess
what it needs to sprout a leaf
or to harbor living things
like the man in his conquests

Let Them Eat CAke

Tonight, March 19th, 2013 LET THEM EAT CAKE PLAYS THE SPANKBANK!!!!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/617578154925042/?group_id=0

Here are the details:

Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes

"The Rice Cakes are equal parts keyboardist and vocalist Roz Raskin, bassist Justin Foster, and drummer Casey Belisle. The eclectic trio was recently named Best Local Act of 2010 by the Providence Phoneix and mixes an energized stage show with a unique sound using a variety of instruments including Fender Rhodes, glockenspiel, tape distortion, and guitar. On September 11th, the Rice Cakes released their new EP Feel Like Human to a soldout ...crowd in Providence at Firehouse 13. The EP was self-recorded, self-produced, and released on 10 inch records through Moose Proof. With a full-length album and 2 EP under their belt, the group continues to tour and heat up airways with the single "Yellow Fields. Isaac Paris of Performer Magazine summed up the band in saying, "The Rice Cakes deliver a captivating combination of powerful drums, a soulful voice, and great songs". Check it out for yourself!"

Let Them Eat Cake
local favorites want you to have it and eat it too


***IMPORTANT STUFF: please be sure to park either down on Brereton and walk up the steps near the Civic Association, on Melwood and walk up Herron, or on the SAME side of the street as the Spankbank. DO NOT park across the street, our neighbors over there will call the cops. Thanks.
Please bring donations for the touring band as well as a cake of your choice

Ohad Cadji

Ohad has been accepted into the Pittsburgh Society of Artists!

Let us join him in celebration and congratulation!!

Check out his work on his blog, the Cadj Blog

Also, here is the website for the Pittsburgh Society of Artists

Below are literally just a few of Ohad's shots...


# Eighteen

After a lengthy hiatus ... Vivid Faction is back, with a new look!

We're seeking new members and material to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at

This week bringing you:

AMIR & The Music Dept.
Ken Egler Jr.
Benjamin Greenwood

AMIR & the Music Dept.

Check out this preview of AMIR's oldie but goodie "You Said"



The ghosts of past loves fill the shells that we are made of
The ghosts of past lives live inside the life we act out

The lines
The lines between you and they
Are often not
Are often not so well-defined
In the looking glass we think we spy clarity
Seize gravity, see reality

Even the right kind of light has a filament that can burn out
Even the right kind of light casts shadows as we walk out of its aura

The lines
That cross each other all the time
Are often not
Are often not so well-defined
In the looking glass we think we find where they collide
Seize gravity, see reality

We see partiality
We see pageantry
We see mortality
We see humanity

Ken Egler Jr.

Graffiti Poetry: Library Cublice

Before you read:

"I think it’s prudent to let you know that this is a poem composed of graffiti found in those little wooden library cubicles at the Hillman Library in Oakland. If you find some this offensive, maybe you should read some graffiti from a private college instead."

Benjamin GReenwood

Check out the newest production from the mad scientist Benjamin Greenwood, created during violent thunderstorms and late nights for the Supernal Soundtracks archive. Some of you might recognize the track, Ludwig van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata...



After a lengthy hiatus ... Vivid Faction is back, with a new look!

We're seeking new members and material to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at

This week we have:

AMIR & The Music Dept.
The Baum Shelter
Ohad Cadji

AMIR & the Music Dept.

Check out these three songs from AMIR and his cohorts, "Love Stains", "High School Crush", and "Living HIGH"
"Love Stains" by Amir and Griffin Novie
"High School Crush" by Amir and The Music Dept.
"Living HIGH" by Amir and Tutto Fresh

The Baum Shelter

Another music show from the ladies at The Baum Shelter. March 7th, 2013 @ 8:30pm. Check it out!

Highwayyys (acoustic opener)


My Captain, My Sea

Clairvoyage (including members from Red Hook Winery)

Partly Sunny

BYOB, cya there!

Here is the event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/518770784832122/



All that has been done today
The way it's spent
The time at hand
Will there remain
And there will stay
As a grain entombed
In falling sands
Like our tomorrowplans

What had in ink been planned
It’s better lost or soon begun
In coming days, we’ll have ourselves outdone

Though shaky as a pencil trace
On paper hewn
From forest grand
You know
A single tree could
More seeds grow
As long as one still stands
Like our tomorrowplans

What had in ink been planned
It’s better lost or soon begun
In coming days, we’ll have ourselves outdone

How simply good intentions well
From the tips of tongues
That water and
With thick saliva
Blend to gel
The best laid words
Left tasting bland
As fixed as our

What had in ink been planned
It’s better lost or soon begun
In coming days, we’ll have ourselves outdone

Ohad Cadji

The newest shoot from Mr. Cadji, this time featuring Miss D. K., here's what Ohad had to say about it:

"Meet Des, she’s an old college friend of mine and a former photographer. Des is currently busy with grad school but she likes to model during her free time. A few weeks back she stopped over at my place for a super quick photo shoot and here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

It was nice to see Des again. She’s great to work with and we’ll definitely get together again for another shoot."
You can see the rest of the photos and some of Ohad's other work on his wordpress page, the Cadj Blog.



After a lengthy hiatus ... Vivid Faction is back, with a new look!

We're seeking new members and material to add to the archives, so don't be shy! Submit your own work or tell your friends! Contact us via the website submission form or email us at

This week we have:

Dan Marchese
Let Them Eat Cake
Low Man
Matthew Eugene Stromberg
Ohad Cadji
The Vatican't

Dan Marchese

Mr. Marchese has created a basketball blog for himself, and here is his invitiation to the world [released via Facebook]:

"Good afternoon Facebookers! If any of you out there have an interest in sports, specifically basketball and the NBA, check out my new blog! Only a couple posts so far, but more to come. Take a look at 
http://basketballjonesing.blogspot.com/ !"

The cleverly titled 'Basketballjonesing' featured its second entry just last night, so ch-ch-check it out, stat.


Indie rock all-stars DAZZLETINE gave us a special Valentine's Day treat with their second release, titled "Skin Period". The colorful, high-energy E.P. is poppy and pristine...Take specific note of the tribute to the late Whiskey Holler with their cover of the song 'Blue Skies (Up Ahead)', its a beauty.

Download the "Skin Period" E.P. here: http://dazzletine.bandcamp.com/album/skin-period-single

Let them eat Cake & Low Man

Two Factioners and Pittsburgh scene regulars Let Them Eat Cake and Low Man were featured on a Pittsburgh music compilation tape released a few days ago by Fox and Hen, called "Flame Burnin' Under the Bridge".

Get at it ----  http://foxandhentapes.bandcamp.com/

Here is the description:
"This compilation was put together as a response to the events under the Bloomfield Bridge on May 4th 2012 . Music is an invaluable part of our community. It brings us strength and togetherness. Pittsburgh's musical community is diverse and while we are a very small city, many musicians and artists may be unaware of those falling outside of their respectable genres. This compilation will hopefully be the beginning of an answer to any threads left with ends. Network with each other, respect each other, be excellent and party on. Any profits made from these tapes will be recirculated back into our community in some way."

**Since this has been put out originally as a cassette tape, take note that tracks 1-10 are side A and 11-20 are side B. This will be available for free/donation download on Tuesday, Feb 26th 2013- the day of the cassette release show."

-Fox and Hen

Be sure to attend the release party, there is a Facebook event for the show https://www.facebook.com/events/130998163741822/

Matthew Eugene Stromberg

Brand new to the Vivid Faction archives is our dear friend Matthew Eugene Stromberg's comedy page....visit it on our site at http://vividfaction.weebly.com/matthew-eugene-stromberg.html.

Follow his Facebook and Twitter pages for daily updates on his frequent performances around Pittsburgh. Tonight (2/19/2013) he will be doing a set at the Smiling Moose in the South Side, at 10pm. Catch it for some laughs.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Matthew-Eugene-Stromberg/79421869744
Twitter: https://twitter.com/m_e_stromberg

Ohad Cadji

If there was ever a man whose work is never done, it is Ohad. Here is his most recent batch of photos, courtesy of the Cadj Blog.


"A few weeks ago I got to do a fun little photo shoot with Hope. Some of you may recognize her from a shoot we did together over the summer. For a while we had been talking about working together again, so one snowy Saturday in January I stopped by Hope’s place for a few hours and came away with these amazing images. A friend of mine recently sold me his Canon 5D, so this was an excellent opportunity to try out the new camera. As a long time Nikon shooter, it took some time to get used to Canon’s layout."

The Vatican't

Vivid Faction's only house venue The Vatican't had a celebratory article published about them from Point Park University. The article praises the house for providing a place for local musicians to perform and music fans to enjoy shows of all genres...on a college student’s budget!



Entry #Fifteen


Low Man
The Whiskey Holler

Vivid Faction is for the people!
and from the people we want to know:
what do you want to see, and what can Vivid Faction
do to be all it can be?

Low Man

Upcoming Show:
Low Man w/ Adelyn Rose & Falcon Arrow
Sunday, October 7th 2012
8:00pm @ Garfield Artworks


The Whiskey Holler

A Whiskey Farewell...
An unfortunate message from the band:

"To Everyone,
I am deeply saddened to have to inform you that TONIGHT [referring to last week's South Oakland Fest II] will be the last ever show for the Whiskey Holler. If you had any doubts about coming tonight, this will be your last chance to see us, but, truthfully, we would just like to see all of you. We are forever grateful for everything you all have done for us-- coming to shows, buying our cds, hootin and hollerin'"
The Vivid Faction wishes Luke, Colin, Ben, and Kurt the best of luck....and thanks them for kickin' some major rock n' roll ass.


Read It:
Seamless Boards

All the red and yellow colors blend to form an orange
External forces peel and break pieces off and leave them in their wake
Slices strike the floor and this a message to us speaks
While in each of us it strikes a resonant chord

Remembering a life we can’t afford, and one that’s better spent
Even if the meaning is abhorred, mistreated and ignored,
Or noted and absorbed
Either holds the end of sensation anymore

New uncertainties fill the spaces in the floor
Where wood was once arranged to an accord
As cracks did then create disruptions in the seamless boards

They ruminate
Throughout the wait
For someone great
And something more
And somewhere no one’s ever stepped before


Entry #Fourteen


Backstabbing Good People
Let Them Eat Cake
South Oakland Fest

Vivid Faction is for the people!
and from the people we want to know:
what do you want to see, and what can Vivid Faction
do to be all it can be?

Backstabbing Good People

Record Release!
Clinton Clegg and the gang are releasing an album, and they're doing it this weekend! A message from the group:
"Record release is FRIDAY. You want to talk about a show? This is gonna be a show. No jugglers, no fire-walking, no gimmicks, just two hours of the best rock this city has on offer. Buy tickets now--we've all got 'em; you want 'em."

Friday, Sept. 28th @ Club Cafe

Let Them Eat Cake

Upcoming Show!
Let Them Eat Cake @ Bloomfield Live!
Sunday, Sept. 30th, 2012
3:00pm-4:30pm FREE
@ Del's --- 4428 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA
Come out! Eat! Drink! And listen to some new songs!



Radio Performance!
SleepyV on the WPTS Live Show
Wednesday 9/26 @ 9pm on 92.1fm
(if you are in Pittsburgh)
(if you're elsewhere on the Earth)
Tune in.

South Oakland Fest II

Upcoming Show!
SATURDAY, SEPT. 29th @ 7:30pm
"Featuring the best of Oakland's indie scene."

The Whiskey Holler -

Legs Like Tree Trunks -

Rivka - http://rivka.bandcamp.com/

Rose & Sara - http://roseandsara.bandcamp.com/

The Octeoblasts - http://octeoblasts.bandcamp.com/

$Five Dollars
ALL AGES / 21+ to drink at the bar
@ The Ironworks (formally The Hideout) 42 Bates Street